High Vale Orchard is Western Australia's Big Apple for organic/biodynamic fruit. Set on a stunning property in the Perth Hills and only 35 minutes from the CBD, High Vale (born 1939) offers the finest fruit, the most delicious 'Inner Core' juices and Core Cidedrs that are attracting the attention of the most serious cider aficionados.

With a backdrop of rolling orchards and state forest, come and unwind at The Core Cider House, a totally unique setting that is rustic yet refined and always warm and inviting. Sample our ciders on tap, sample our preserves, or just enjoy a great coffee, house-made cakes and tasting plates full of our delicious fare. We are open Friday to Sunday from 10am until 4.30pm.

High Vale offers the best wholesale prices for bulk fresh organic fruit, produced as mother nature intended - with no chemical residues.

The Core Cider House is a superb function venue, either for corporate functions or private. The Dragonfly Ponds, apple avenues and the ambience of the orchard create a beautiful atmosphere for special ceremonies and the Cider House for intimate receptions.

Orchard tours are available during the week. We offer three tours: The 'Heritage', The 'Cider' and The 'School' tours.

Check out our tour itineraries here 


Straight to the Core - Core Ciders
Enjoy the fruits of our labour, experience and passion. Made with biodynamic fruit from our orchard and with water tested for its purity, the flavours that are missed in mass produced ciders are bought to the fore. Character assured, perfectly refreshing and perfectly suited to the Aussie lifestyle. The ingredients are better, the attention to detail is better, the cider is better. And proudly West Australian grown, pressed and produced.

Ciders on tap at the Core:

Traditional Apple & Pear: 6.5% ald/vol. 'Dry'. Bottle conditioned (not artifically carbonated), no preservatives. Long lasting fruit finish.
Traditional Pear (perry): 5.7% alc/vol. Champagne style. Bottle conditioned, no preservatives. Refreshing mouth finish.
Sparkling Apple: 5% alc/vol. 'Sweet'. Carbonated. Refreshingly dangerous!

Inner Core Juices
Pure sunshine from WA. Grown, squeezed and produced on the orchard, Bottled in glass (it just tastes better in glass!) NOT reconstituted (you'd be amazed how many juices are). No preservatives - we use the humble lemon. Actually Inner Core is the ONLY certified organic/biodynamic juice produced in WA.


Apple & Ginger: a delicious blend of our apples and with a twist of ginger
Apple & Pear: combines the sweetness of tree-ripened pears with our apples and with a twist of lemon.
Pink Lady Apple: So popular we ran out of this one. The next batch coming soon with the forthcoming harvest of pink lady apples.



We couldn't do without our Willing Workers On Organic Farms. These guys come from all over the world and enrich our lives and the energy of Hihg Vale and many have become good friends. Such a great cultural exchange. Jobs include: harvesting fruit, packing, weeding, slashing, juice pressing, actually it could be a hundred jobs in one week - there's heaps to do on an organic orchard! We oftern have a mini United Nations staying at out Wwoofer Cottage so there's lots of lovely people to meet and it's a very tranquil place to revitalise. We ask for a minimum stay of two weeks so we get to know our wwoofers. Other activities include: mountain bike riding, bush walking, reading/relaxing by the ponds. Wireless internet available.


We'll be hosting a whole range of events on the orchard. Join the mailing list to be informed of forthcoming events.


Some good reading for you:

Buying Organic is Well Worth the Cost even When Times are Tough.

A humourous perspective (but not too far off the truth) on why eating organics should be a no brainer.

Find out which fruits and veggies contain the most pesticides

This website is a minefield of information; http://www.naturalnews.com/

Testimonial for previous BioDynamic Festival:

"Congratulations to all the staff that made the BioDynamic Festival at High Vale possible and so special.

It brought together the best ideas, organizations, entrepreneurs, farmers, backyard gardeners and other growers in an atmosphere filled with goodwill and hope for a future without toxic practices.

It is our good fortune that you provide us with leadership, inspiration, a place to meet, and a showcase (High Vale Biodynamic Orchard) where sustainability and nurturing is practised with success."

Maggie Shanklin


With conventional fruits now receiving an average of 10 applications of agrochemicals from seed to storage, its no wonder people are turning to more natural methods of production. These chemicals were not developed with nutrition, taste or the ecology in mind, so what you get is a cheap but inferior product - end of story.

The principle of biodynamics is in managing and developing the soil so the trees are healthy. Healthy trees mean fruit packed with health - vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Not chemical residues.

We have to meet pretty intense production standards and undergo regular inspection to be certified with the Demeter biodynamic qualification. It's your assurance of quality. Go to www.demeter.org.au for more information.

Don't go for 'spray free', make sure it's certified.